2. Lal Kitab Vastu Premium

Lal Kitab Kundli Vastu or Lal Kitab Vastu is one and only unique way to make balance between your horoscope and the place you are living in or working. It is totally different from traditional Vastu Shastra. While balancing and doing Vastu Rectifications and Remedies the planetary positions according to owner?s horoscope are strictly followed very well with utmost care that no planet should be harmed or ill-treated. There is a very deep relation between each direction and signs and twelve houses of the birth horoscope and nine planets as well, and we all know their importance in our life. So, one wrong step could destroy all your future plans, it is advisable to maintain harmony and balance between your birth horoscope and vastu according to Lal Kitab system.

In this Vastu Kundli Report by "Lal Kitab Guruji" we will make your complete Vastu report for your house (only one premises) and will try to maintain harmonious balance between your birth chart and said premises. The report will include and display your:

1. Graha Sthiti in Lagan kundli and Makaan (House) Vastu Kundli both with detailed prediction and remedies.
2. Graha Sthiti in Chandra kundli and Makaan (House) Vastu Kundli both with detailed prediction and remedies.
3. Graha Sthiti in Bhava Chalit kundli and Makaan (House) Vastu Kundli both with detailed prediction and remedies.
4. House's symptoms related to all nine planets.
5. Creating harmony between all 5 elements and Vastu for your house.
6. Description of different plot size and their effects in your life.
7. Creating harmony between all directions and your house.
8. Detailed separate report for each house segment e.g. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.
9. With detailed predictions, precautions and remedies plus do's and don't.

To get this report (in English or Hindi only) kindly fill the below format completely in all respect. Once payment is confirmed we will send your written report through email/whatsapp in a PDF format within 4-5 working days.

Note: Also please do whatsapp me at +91 98883 64014 for confirmation along with payment screenshot and also please do mention your preferred language. For personal Vastu Visit to your place kindly contact Guruji at +91 9888364014.
Price: Rs.2100 / $35

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