Marriage when?

Provided birth details are:
Date of birth: 22 Jan 1987
Time of birth: 13:45 hours
Place of birth: Kanpur (UP)
When will I get married? Will it be love or arrange marriage? Will it be in same or different caste? From where/place the person would be? How he would look and what would be his age? How happy my married life would be? Is there a second marriage in my kundali?

Casting Time: 07/Sep/20; 17:32:06; Ludhiana.
Casting time RP?s as follows:
LSG: Sat
MST: Ven
MSG: Mars
DL: Moon
Note: The query is about marriage and married life, so, we will check 7th house. 7th cusp sub-lord is Rahu, conjoined with Mars, Mars is present in RP?s, hence chart is correct for analysis, we can move ahead. (Separate pdf birth-chart attached for reference)
As your very first question is when will I get married, which means you are not married till date, or we will presume that you are not married till date, so we will further analyze your birth horoscope chart accordingly. Your question is very clear that when will I get married? So, let us check first the promise in chart, means marriage yoga in your chart.
Favorable house/s for marriage are: 2-5-7-11
Unfavorable house/s for marriage are: 1-6-8-10-12 with Saturn, Rahu
7th house analysis:
Bhava: 7th house is occupied by Saturn and Venus, Saturn 9th and 10th lord plus delay karaka and whereas Venus (marriage karaka) lagan and 6th lord; now Venus undoubtedly marriage karaka but also Venus is 1st and 6th lord which indicates delay and obstructions before marriage, similarly Saturn itself a delay karaka plus 10th lord again not fruitful for marriage or married life.
Bhavesh: 7th house rashi lord is Mars in pisces (dual sign), resident of 11 with Rahu (delay karaka), Mars is also owner of 12th house (obstructions, delay, separation); hence Mars clearly in favor of marriage but with delay.
Karaka: for marriage is Venus (some astrologers consider Jupiter), but as above we have seen Venus promising marriage being resident of 7th house but with delay or obstructions.
7th house Nakshatra Lord: 7th house nakshatra lord is Saturn (delay karaka) resident of 7 (promising marriage with delay), further Saturn is owner of 9th and 10th house, again obstructions being owner of 10th house. Further Saturn is in star of Mercury (dual planet) resident of 9 and owner of 2 promising marriage.
7th house Up-nakshatra (sub) Lord: is Rahu (karaka for intercaste marriage) in pisces (dual sign), Rahu resident of 11 with Mars, clearly promising Marriage, Rahu in Jupiter sign (dual planet) occupant of 10 and owner of 8 creating hurdles and obstructions in the path of marriage.
Further Rahu in star of Mercury (dual planet) occupant of 9 and owner of 2; promising the marriage in birth horoscope.
Further Rahu in sub of Sun occupant of 9, Sun is also star lord of 5th house, which indicates love marriage.
Result: one thing is sure that 7th house is very very weak in fulfilling the promise of marriage, as mostly negative or delay karaka planets are influencing 7th house, which clearly indicates that you may face many hurdles or obstructions in getting married. Your marriage could be delayed; even if you were married earlier by somehow it could turn into separation or divorce after sometime surely. You may also have an inter-caste and/or love marriage with a foreigner or a person who is settle in abroad. Also it is sure that if and whenever you marry first time it will be not a happy married life, so, because your chart also indicating dual marriage.
Now the question is when? So, let us check your dasha/antar dasha (DBA):
So Jup/Mar/Sat from 28 feb 2021 to 23 apr 2021 is seen appropriate for marriage and taken in consideration as transit also agrees during this DBA, but the window is very small, means transit agreeing only for first week of april. So, marriage may take place in first week of april 2021, if other conditions favors too. Rest God knows?
1. You may wear a good quality opal stone of minimum 6.25 carat in silver ring in left hand index finger.
2. Also you may wear a panna/emerald of same weight in gold/silver in left hand small finger.
Good Luck.