Birth Time Rectification

"Only time can reveal the past present and future", you can never get correct predictions if you do not have correct birth time. Accurate birth time is called as AA rated. Nobody can really know his/her correct birth time because he/she were probably crying at the time of birth. So, you have to rely on the birth time given by your parents or relatives or hospital authorities. But how far is this birth time is truly correct? The watches on their wrist or clock in labor room could be off the mark by few minutes. And all this is humanely possible. To err is human, isn't it?

So, here consulting at 'Sky Speaks' we will provide you the best solution to rectify the birth time with the help of 'Krishnamurthy Paddhati' the most accurate predictive stellar theory popularly known as K.P. Astrology System.

To rectify a horoscope we need your Date of birth, time of birth (known to you), place of birth (city/state/country), approximate difference of time as you think, Your biological father, mother, brother, sister birth details i.e. date/time/place of birth and exact dates (plus time and place) of few major events of your life. For example date/time/place of birth or death of close family members, date/time/place of accidents if any, date/time/place of hospitalization if any, date/time/place of marriage/divorce, date/time/place of joining a job, date/time/place of purchasing a vehicle/property etc. Please provide the maximum details you know.

To avail this service kindly fill the below form completely in all respect. Once payment is confirmed you will get your Birth Time Rectification report through email within 4-5 working days. Also please do whatsapp me at +91 98883 64014 for confirmation along with payment screenshot.
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