The signs from Aries (Mesha) onwards are alternative positive and negative. They are sometimes referred to as masculine (or day signs) and feminine (or night signs) respectively. Thus, the odd signs namely, Aries (Mesha), Gemini (Mithuna), Leo (Simha), Libra (Thulam), Sagittarius (Dhanus) and Aquaries (Kumba) are positive (or Masculine); the even signs viz. , Taurus (Rishabha), Capricorn (Makara) and Pisces (Meena) are negative (or Female).

The positive signs denote an assertive, bold, expressive, active and offensive nature. They give determination, power of will and force. On the other hand the negative signs show a passive, receptive, defensive and a somewhat conciliatory disposition. There is a tendency for the positive signs to be more self-expressive and less passive in their reactions and for the negative signs to be more self-repressive and less outgoing and spontaneous.

A positive sign as Ascendant indicates that the native is more generally fortunate in his undertakings than a negative sign does. The negative signs are weak and feminine on account of passive qualities.

If the lagna falls in a male sign and other testimonies also support, then even a lady born in a modest family, will have masculine appearance and qualities. But if lagna falls in a male sign occupied by feminine, planets or if the lord of lagna occupies a female sign, he may be a male with feminine qualities, appearance and character, etc.

If the sign on the cusp of the 5th house falls in a masculine sign, If the 5th lord is a masculine planet and is in a masculine sign, etc., most of the offsprings will be boys. If these happen to be feminine, then the offsprings will be girls. This is a general rule.

Positive signs on the cusp of the ascendant give vitality, negative signs are not so vigorous, unless a strong masculine planet is very near the cusp of the Ascendant.