Marriage Report


Birth Details:
DOB: 30/03/1992
TOB: 6:10AM
POB: Hyderabad

7th cuspal sub lord is Jupiter:
-Jupiter a dual planet in Leo sign
-Jupiter is occupant of 6th house and owner of 10th house
-Jupiter in star of Ketu; a mysterious and shadowy
-Ketu is occupant of 3rd house and closely conjoined to 4th house
-Ketu in Gemini (dual) sign
-Ketu's sign lord Mercury (planet of plurality) untenanted and strongly represent 10th house, Mercury is occupant of 12th house and closely conjoined to 1st house, Mercury is owner of 4th and 7th house
-Further Jupiter in sub of Mercury; untenanted and strongly represent 10th house, Mercury is occupant of 12th house and closely conjoined to 1st house, Mercury is owner of 4th and 7th house
-Mercury conjoined with Sun untenanted and strongly signify 11th house and occupant of 1st house
-Mercury aspects by Saturn occupant of 11th house
-Mercury having square (negative) aspects with Rahu and Ketu (natural malefics) and represents Jupiter and Mercury respectively
-Mercury having S.Sextile aspect (benefic) with Mars occupant of 11th house and closely conjoined to 12th house plus owner of 2nd house
-Jupiter and Mercury are both in retro position indicates delay in marriage

Finally Jupiter as 7th cuspal sub lord signifying 6-10 houses at 1st level; 10-12-1-4-7-3 houses at star level and 10-12-1-4-7-11 houses at sub level with both dual planets Jupiter Mercury, dual sign Gemini and Natural malefics Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars.

So, her spouse will be an intelligent and might be involved in own business; as 7-10-11 indicates own business (and even job too 6-10-11 indicates job; depending on DBA in his own chart) related to any of import export, property, vehicles, education, IT, computers, engineering etc. Mercury's relation with Sun and Saturn indicates some kind of government or civil related jobs.

Jupiter's connection with 7 and 11 houses indicates that marriage is surely promised, but 1-4-6-10-12 houses with dual planets and dual sign indicates more than one marriage.


Current Dasha lord is Jupiter running from 13.07.2014 to 13.07.2030
As already stated above that Jupiter ensures the promise of marriage.

Current Bhukti Lord is Saturn running from 31.08.2016 to 14.03.2019

Although Saturn signifying 11th house (fulfillment of desire) but Saturn in no way directly connected to Jupiter; also Jupiter-Saturn are 6/8 from each other which is also not a good position, so in my opinion marriage will not take place in Saturn bhukti.

Next Bhukti of Mercury running from 14.03.2019 to 19.06.2021

Mercury is directly connected to Jupiter as sub lord of Jupiter, and Mercury also signifying 7th and 11th house, hence Mercury is capable for solemnizing the marriage, irrespective of fact that both Mercury and Jupiter are in retro position in natal chart, and only this retro position seems to be unfavorable in happening of marriage. Jupiter and Mercury 6/8 to each other and also having Quincunx aspect which is an evil aspect, hence Mercury will not fructify the result.

Next Bhukti of Ketu running from 19.06.2021 to 26.05.2022
Ketu is directly connected to Jupiter as star lord and signifying 7-11 houses also there is no any evil aspect between Jupiter and Ketu, hence Ketu bhukti is capable to fructify the result.

Mars antara lord (from 19.10.2021 to 8.11.2021) selected for marriage as Mars signifying 2-7 houses and Jup/Ke/Sun will transit in Mars star/sign respectively.

Rest almighty knows better.