Lal Kitab Vastu Tips

Vastu is a ancient Indian Science which balances the five natural elements surrounding you. In this article you will learn few basic tips to balance your surroundings and to get best results in your life such as peace, property, finance etc.

1. Never keep clay oven at your home if you or any of your family member have Mars in 4th or 8th house in birth horoscope chart. Otherwise it will give malefic results and will disturb the peace and harmony in your life.

2. Never keep any temple (as mostly Indian families do) or idols (energized) at your home if you (or any family member) have Moon in 2nd and or Jupiter in 7th house in your birth horoscope chart. It will sterile you.

3. If you have store room in South-west or North-west corner, never arrange natural sun light in that room. It will give struggle and hurdles in your progress.

4. If you have empty secret pits in your home, never keep them empty, otherwise it will defame you.

5. Always maintain greenery in your home or keep some part of floor muddy (un-constructed), it will give prosperity and luxury.

6. Always avoid south facing house, it will give struggles, obstacles, sterility, depression in your life.

All above are vastu remedies, tips and precautions for peace, finance, wealth and prosperity.