BTR Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification (BTR) Report

Provided birth details are:
Date of birth: 26/04/1983
Time frame of birth: 16:30 to 17:30
Place of birth: Accra, Ghana
Theory Used: Cuspal Interlink (CIL)
Note: After considering several and different time stations/slots; following is the final report.
Date of Judgment (Day-5): 22/03/2020; 20:07:00; Ludhiana.
RP?s as follows:
Asc: Me/Ma/Sat/Sat
Moon: Sat/Ra/Mo/Me
DayLord: Sun
Birth time taken: 16:44:02
Ascendant co-rulers: Me/Mo/Ve/Sat
Rule 1: The planets co-ruling the ascendant must be linked to 10 or 1 or 7th house/s through their star lords or should have positional status to become the significator of above said houses. Since the sub-sub lord closely represents the moment of birth hence it should be significator of all the three houses.
a. Ascendant sign lord Mercury having positional status and Mercury is sign lord of cusp 1 & 10 and star and sub-sub of cusp 7, hence rule satisfies.
b. Ascendant star lord Moon, it?s star lord Mars posited in cusp 7, hence okay.
c. Ascendant sub lord Venus, its star lord Moon posited in cusp 1, hence okay.
d. Ascendant sub-sub lord Saturn, its star lord is Rahu who represents Mercury and Mars, Mercury owner of 1 and 10 and Mars in 7th house posited, hence okay.
Rule 2: The sub-sub lord of ascendant must establish relationship with Moon?s star lord.
Ascendant sub-sub lord is Saturn and Moon?s star lord is Mars;
a. Saturn in star of Rahu and Rahu represent Mars as Rahu star-lord is Mars.
b. Mars in sub of Saturn also sub-sub lord is Saturn too, hence rule satisfies.
Rule 3: In male horoscope if ascendant rises in female sign then ascendant arc should be 50% or above. In this horoscope ascendant rises in Virgo sign which is a female sign and ascendant arc is 50% hence rule satisfies.
Rule 4: Moon co-ruler must be linked with 1 or 7 or 10th house/s or either appear as ruler of cusp 1 or 7 or 10.
Moon co-rulers are: Ve/Ma/Su/Ra
a. Venus is sub lord of cusp 1 and its star lord Moon posited in 1st house.
b. Mars itself in 7th house and its star lord Venus is sub lord of cusp 1.
c. Sun is sub lord of 7th cusp and its star lord ketu represents Jupiter represents cusp 7 and 10 both.
d. Rahu (shadow planet) represent Mercury and Mars both connected with 1-7-10 cusp respectively.
Rule 5: Prana lord running at the moment of birth must be linked to 1 or 7 or 10 cusp/house (atleast two).
Moon was prana lord at the moment of birth, Moon itself in 1st house and its star lord Mars in 7th house.
Genetic Connection:
a. Father born 22/sep/1944, Moon traveling through Jupiter star on that day, 9th house is father?s house, 9th cusp sub-sub lord is Saturn and Saturn sub-sub lord is Jupiter.
b. Mother born 22/jun/1951, Moon traveling in Mars star, 4th house (mother?s house) sub-sub lord is Jupiter and Jupiter in Mars sign Scorpio.
c. Younger brother born 15/jun/1986, Moon in Venus star on that day, 3rd (younger brother?s) house sub-sub lord Saturn in Venus sign Libra.
Past Events:
1. Marriage Date: 17 Nov, 2016:- A marriage is solemnized when house/s 2 (increment in family members)-7 (marriage house) -11 (fulfillment of desire) are active in DBA (Dasha-Bhukti-Antara) and transit through the planets deposited in these houses and or lords of these houses through their star lords, sub lords, star of sub-lords.

On marriage day DBA running was Jup/Rahu/Mercury:
a. Dasha lord Jupiter having positional status and in Saturn star and own sub, Jupiter posited in 2nd house, Saturn conjoined with Moon who is owner of 11th house, hence Jupiter is undoubtedly capable for marriage.
b. Bhukti lord Rahu posited in Mars star and Mars is occupant of 7th house, hence okay.
c. Antara lord Mercury in Sun star and Rahu sub, Sun is in 7th house and Rahu in Mars star occupant of 7.
d. Transit on day of Marriage: Jupiter in Moon star owner of 11, Rahu in Venus star owner of 2nd, Mercury in Mars sign occupant of 7, Sun & Moon in Jupiter and Rahu star respectively.
2. University Graduation: 15th May 2010:- Person graduates in common period of 4-9-11 both in DBA and transit. On Graduation day DBA running was Ju/Ve/Ve:
a. Jupiter owner of 4 and transiting in own star on graduation day.
b. Venus owner of 9 and transiting in Saturn sub who is conjoined with Moon owner of 11.
3. First day in Job 19th Oct, 2011:- Person gets/join job in common period of 2-6-10-11 both in DBA and transit. On that day DBA was Ju/Ve/Sat:
a. Jupiter occupant of 2 (and owner of 4 education), Jupiter in star of Saturn owner of 6 and conjoined with Moon owner of 11, Jupiter was transiting in Mercury sub owner of 10.
b. Venus owner of 9, conjoined with Mercury owner of 10, Venus in star of Moon owner of 11, also Venus was transiting in Moon sub on that day.
c. Saturn owner of 6, conjoined with Moon owner of 11, Saturn in Rahu star who represents Mercury who is owner of 10, and on that day Saturn was transiting in Jupiter sub occupant of 2.
4. No child birth till today due to low sperm count:
KP Rules for impotency or no child birth is Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius sign are barren signs, Mercury Saturn both are impotent, 4-8-12 negates natural child birth, 6th house is disease house, and 5th house gives child birth.

In your chart 5th cusp sub lord is Mercury (impotent), Mercury in 8th house with Venus (Venus is main responsible for sperms), Mercury star lord Sun in Aries sign, Mercury sub lord is Rahu who itself in Gemini barren sign, Rahu in Mars star who is in barren sign Aries. Hence all the indications are negative for natural child birth, but IVF is possible keeping an eye on other possibilities too.

So, according to the above analysis your birth time 16:44:02 hours found most suitable, compatible with your past life events and nearest to accuracy. Rest God knows the truth.
Thanks with regards.