Astrology & Education Prospect

Education Prospect Report Through KP Astrology
Birth Details are:
DOB: 21st Aug 2003
TOB: 18:42
POB: Pune
Casting Time: 02/Jan/2020, 19:40:49, Ludhiana.
Casting Time RP?s
1. Lagna Lord: Moon
2. Moon Star Lord: Saturn
3. Moon Sign Lord: Jupiter
4. Daylord: Jupiter
Analysis: Up to graduate level education is seen by 4th cusp sub lord, which is Venus, very closely conjoined with Jupiter in birth chart and Jupiter is present in casting time RP?s; hence we can rely on the chart and move further.
Now 4th cusp sub-lord Venus signifies as follows:
Step-1: Planet Venus+ in Leo Sign: untenanted and cuspal sub-lord of 4, 5, 10; occupant of 7; Cnj Su 7, and Cnj Ju 7, 2-11, Asp to 11
Step-2: Starlord of Venus is Ketu in Scorpio sign: 9; Sgl Ma(1, 10); Stl Ju(7, 2-11, Cnj Su[7, Cnj Ve{7}], Asp 11)
Step-3: Sublord of Ve is Mars+ in Capricorn sign: untenanted and cuspal sublord of 6, 11; and occupant of 1; owner of 10
Step-4: Starlord of Ma is Ra: 3; Sgl Ve(7, Cnj Su[7, Cnj Ju{7, 2-11, Asp 11}])

So, according to above criterion education should be related to hospital management, surgeon, doctor, cardiologist, gynecologist, bio-technology, bio-engineering, vet-doc, maternity fields etc. Other best options are hospitality management, law, finance, ias ips etc. Rest up to God's will...Good Luck