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Viney, Ldh

very accurate prediction and equally good remedies

Pradeep Malhotra, Delhi

This is a place where u can get remedy for each & every problem . And remedies give results like INJECTIONS. ONE & ONLY - TRUE & FAIR ASTROLOGER IN INDIA

Sunil Sharma, Bhopal

Sir's Predictions are Life Changing Prediction for me and their remedies are boon for us. He is providing and guiding next generation by giving Lal Kitab's Knowledge.

Dinesh Khatri, CHD

I am not a person.. rather i would say I was not a person who believed in astrology but one day I happened to see some videos on u-tubbe by Chetan ji. Since my wife belives in astrology, I looked at my horoscope and tried to tally what all was mentioned in the videos. I was surprised with so many facts. Then I thought if such generic videos can be so powerful then way not get personalised complete study of my horoscope. The report provided by Chetan Ji was so true and accurate. I have started follwing the upayas mentioned, though I am yet to do all of them. But I have already started feeling the difference. My belief in astrology have really got strong. Thank you Chetan ji for answering my endless question, you did not just study my horoscope but also acted as a great support. Always available to clear any kind of doubts. Thank you once again. People who are thinking of reach out to Chetan ji,dont wait do it now. Its remarkable.

S. Rajkumar, Ohio, US

I have consulted many astrologers and I can easily tell there are not many astrologers who can give an in-depth analysis like Mr. Chetan and also explain the rules of prediction with a video presentation. This gives confidence in the prediction that it will be accurate and rightly so Mr. Chetan has been very accurate. He is very communicative, connects with the client very well and is very patient in explaining the situation. I was deeply satisfied with the report that was provided to me and I am very sure this can give lot of understanding to those who are in need of knowing what destiny holds for them. I would recommend Mr. Chetan to anyone who is in need and who is interested in astrology. Those who have some knowledge in astrology will thoroughly enjoy all his reports & presentations. I wish him great success !

Rajesh Vasnadani, London, UK

I happened to see some videos on YouTube by Chetan Ji, and I contact him by what's Up. I must appreciate his cost effectiveness and accuracy.I appreciate the service provided by Chetan Ji and Remedies were very easy to follow and will be in contact in future also.

Abhishek, Punjab

Good advice and makes us understand very well about the situation.

Vijay, Junagadh, GUJ

I make Lalkitab Liftime report by Mr. ChetanJi. i found Mr. Chetanji by YouTube videos.When i see Videos i notice Mr. Chetanji is very Systematic and very accurate for deep point. and giving Right and easy solution as i decided to make life time report of LalKitab. after i received my Report i check he make report very easy and simple to understand with all life time remedies. even i feel his attitude is very friendly. i met many of astrologer in my life. but i found in Mr. Chetanji is best of person in my life. and i am happy to contact or take him advice in future too.i recommended to all of you once in life make Lalkitab life time report by Mr. Chetan Ji.

Rahul Gangal, NY, US

I first came to know about chetanji after watching his you tube videos. I liked his systematic approach to look at the things and rational reasoning. I did not waste a single moment in contacting him and have been consulting him for few months now. His predictions are accurate and optimum. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking advise. Thank you Chetanji!

Ami, US

I am an independent business owner in USA. And along with my immense hard work I've always believed in the guidance of astrology as well. I found Sky Speaks when my father forwarded me a YouTube video of Chetan Sud ji. I'm positive person but have sadly seen some astrologers trying to scare their viewers that if you don't do this vidhi or puja then this harmful xyz yoga will affect you but I can help you;) That's why I was impressed by Mr. Sud's easy going yet straight forward approach discussing various planetary conditions and HONEST way of communication of possible results from planet placements without making it dramatic. He didn't try to sell anything just shares his knowledge including free reading every night on his channel..who else does that? After Mr. Sud studied my Chart for my multiple Vedic readings questions, he identified I required an horary reading for one of my critical question and Mr. Sud thoroughly looked into my question and provided an answer over the phone. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you Mr. Sud, I'll be contacting you to get your expertise on other business and property matters. Happy New Year!

Baljeet B, US

I think he is straightforward and to the point. People need to appreciate his skills more often. Thanks again

Jeet, USA

This review is long overdue from the previous consultation. My family was going through some rough time and I contacted many astrologers and none of them were able to give a confirmed answer. I found mr sud online. He was super busy but still kind enough to give attention to my burning question. With his help we got saved very clear answer. He is the only astrologer I have seen who will give you straightforward answer without any confusion. Please respect his time and knowledge.

Vishal. V, NY (US)

There are millions of astrologers around us you don't know who to go to but I found one in millions mr chetan sud after watching his videos and his knowledge of astrology I contacted him have him analyze my kundli guys you will be amazed by his predictions if anybody have any kind of problem he is the solution I recommend everyone in my circle to mr chetan sood

Anil S, Del

I had made a query thru paid consultation and was extremely delighted to get a very accurate date prediction of my query from Chetan Sudji. Also had a chance to watch some of his live sessions. Very very professional indeed with deep study on the subject. Greatly impressed.

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